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Gyrotonic is a three-dimensional exercise taught on unique weight and pulley based equipment. Founded by Juliu Horvath, drawing on the principles of yoga, dance, tai chi, and swimming, Gyrotonic training is a series of circular and fluid exercises that works the entire body through muscular, skeletal, and cardiovascular stimulation.

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  • Strong, lean muscles

  • Increased flexibility, coordination, and balance

  • Joint mobility and articulation

  • Release of pain and restrictions in the body

  • Increased circulation of blood, lymphatic fluids, and energy

  • Stronger nervous system

  • Complement to physical therapy and other rehabilitative bodywork

  • Osteoporosis prevention

  • Slowing of the aging process through mental and physical stimulation and regeneration



Gyrokinesis upholds the same principles of Gyrotonic, but is done on a stool and mat rather than the equipment. It is similar to a dance or yoga class, as it is taught in a group setting. Like a dance class, flow and rhythm are essential to the curriculum. But unlike a yoga class, there is no position holding or potential for energetic stagnation.


  • Increased spine and joint articulation

  • Superior muscular contraction, extension, flexibility, and coordination

  • Increased circulation of blood, lymphatic fluids, and energy

  • Improved elimination and absorption

  • Complement to traditional cardiovascular activity and cross-training

  • A mobile workout that can be easily performed anywhere

  • Increased body awareness


Core Elements of a GYROKINESIS® Class

Classes can have a strong sense of community. Deeper personal rewards can be found as the class moves, breathes, and grows together.


In the beginning of the class, you prepare the mind and body for the movement ahead with an awakening of the senses through self-massage and simple breathing patterns.

Bench Work

In the seated position, you move through a series of fluid movements that mobilize the spine. These movements include arching, curling, bending, twisting, and spiraling. The same patterns are expanded further in the class.


Corresponding breathing patterns stimulate your nervous system, open energy pathways, and oxygenate the blood.

Floor Work

Encompassing a variety of positions including kneeling, seated, and standing, the floor work releases and strengthens the entire body. You focus on a variety of joint and muscle groups including hips, knees, hamstrings, and abdominals.


Higher level classes add endurance training and increasingly challenging activities.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a training system that uses specially designed spring resistance-based equipment or specialized mat exercises to develop core and full body strength. The first emphasis is on building a strong, supported, yet supple spine. Gradually the entire body is challenged to connect into this strength and becomes more integrated and stronger as a result.


Pilates Benefits:

  • Long, strong muscles

  • Heightened coordination and balance

  • Sharpened mental focus

  • Improved posture

  • Proper body function and integration of all systems: muscular, skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, nervous

  • Prevention of pain and illness

  • Rehabilitation and healing of the body through a gentle and methodical approach

  • Complement and enhancement of any sport or activity



3-dimensional and circular form
that works the whole body to move efficiently
 and results in fluid grace, strength and mobility

Muscles, fascia, the skeletal system including your joints & spine, nervous system, and your energetic self

A weight and pulley
system that gives the body both assistance and resistance promoting fluidity and elongation

Continual motions and fluidity; the use of rhythm, repetition, and flow effects gentle, gradual and sustaining change


• Build core abdominal strength

• Can be practiced with or without
equipment, individually or in a class setting

• Increase flexibility, coordination & balance

• Adaptable for all skill levels and body
needs, promoting injury-free and pain-free workouts

• Incorporate specialized equipment that allows you to work at a self-appropriate pace and comfort
zone, while achieving new goals

• Complement any other activity (cardio, dance, golf, skiing, swimming), increasing your performance while promoting longevity, injury prevention, quality of life, and fun


Predominantly 2-dimensional, linear technique that focuses on the strength and stability of the spine

Key alignment principles; muscular, skeletal and nervous system working together to re-educate movement patterns

A spring resistance system which is able to challenge the body in every plane

Prescribed number of repetitions; the more precise the form, the fewer repetitions are required to effect change

Do you need help deciding between GYROTONIC and Pilates? 

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Core & Full Body Fitness

Gyrotonic and Pilates can either stand alone as the physical component of your healthy lifestyle or act as the perfect complement to your fitness cross-training program.

  • Gain peak strength while maintaining maximum flexibility

  • Develop optimal core and spine strength and mobility

  • Get longer, leaner, stronger, and toned muscles

  • Reduce your risk of injury

  • Enhance your athletic endeavors and day-to-day function

  • Experience an increase in wanting to exercise

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Healthy Aging

These workouts are ideal for seniors or those seeking increased energy and vitality.

  • Minimize the impact of arthritis

  • Alleviate back or neck pain and stiffness

  • Maintain an upright and healthy posture

  • Improve joint mobility

  • Aid in prevention and management of osteoporosis

  • Build strength

  • Encourage a more focused and healthy mindset

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Rehabilitation & Relief

Our modalities provide a natural bridge between rehabilitation and full recovery. Our experienced trainers can work alongside your physical therapist to ensure continuity as you transition to the more integrated full-body approach required to progress toward your goals.

  • Address your specific concerns with the individual attention you need

  • Provide a holistic, integrated pathway from acute injury to full recovery

  • Become empowered as you actively participate and contribute to your healing process, and inspired as you progress to wellness

For Athletes

Our systems integrate your strength and increase your flexibility. Your body learns to move and respond with an intelligence and grace, your performance is enhanced and your risk of injury, whether chronic or acute, is greatly decreased.

  • Weight based training that mimics your sport or activity so you become stronger and more efficient in that scenario

  • Recalibrating your body and alleviate any chronic ailments that result from asymetrical and/or repetitive movements

  • Perfect for improving mechanics and body awareness for golfers, skiers, and tennis players

  • Ideal for integrating strength with flexibility for runners, swimmers, gymnasts, martial artists, and dancers

For Dancers

Pilates found some of its first devotees among dancers and the Gyrotonic method was originally designed for dancers.

  • Increased spinal flexibility and strength

  • Integrated movement for greater coordination and grace

  • Balanced and defined muscle development

  • Full articulation of every joint

  • Alignment correction

  • Relief and prevention of chronic injuries

  • career longevity

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Pre & Post Natal Women

These are perfect exercise systems for women at any stage of pregnancy or early motherhood. Continue to exercise right up to your due date  with programs designed to change as your body and pregnancy progresses (with your doctor's okay, of course).

  • Relieve lower back strain, fatigue, and other symptoms of pregnancy posture

  • Prevent varicose veins, incontinence, and leg swelling

  • Maintain strength and flexibility

  • Build stamina for the birthing process

  • Increase blood circulation and oxygen to you and your baby

  • Safely maintain abdominal strength, allowing for quicker recovery

  • Relieve upper body tension from carrying the baby

  • Quickly regain strength and energy

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