Kinespirit Riverside
214 West 85th Street
212 787 9300

Freya G.

The Kinespirit studio is fabulous and I can’t rave enough about the teacher I had – Jen B. – who was helpful, engaging and made the hour-session really enjoyable. The [Gyrotonic] practice makes you feel lighter and stronger at the same time and I found it more interesting than doing Pilates or yoga. Will definitely be back for more sessions!

Annmaria Mazzini, The Paul Taylor Dance Company

Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis and Pilates have been a revelation for me. Working from the inside out, this work has taken me deeper into myself and released locked parts all throughout my back, shoulders, and legs. The beauty, flow and circularity of the Gyrotonic movement appeals to the dancer in me, and the strength and stamina I have gained has been invaluable to me as a performer: I feel more present, aware, and free than I ever have.

Jill C.

This place is unbelievable! The staff…every one of them greet people by name, and are caring and absolutely full of enthusiasm. It appears as if they LOVE their work, and the studio and its students. They are full of spirit and unlike most class teachers, they help students individually. Pilates is great, great, great

Melissa N.

This is one of the only affordable Pilates studios that I found in NYC with STOTT certified instructors. The reformer classes are small, they pay attention to detail and the workouts are challenging. I’ve had some prior injuries so I’m super picky about where I go. This place is great!


I just started doing Gyrotonic at Kinespirit a few months ago – and it rocks. Every trainer is super knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. It is a welcoming atmosphere that I felt comfortable in from the moment I walked in the door. I highly recommend Kinespirit as a place to explore Gyrotonic and to finally get in shape in an engaging and effective way. Check it out!

Marie M

I had been out of the exercise loop for a couple of years and was starting to have back problems when I stumbled upon Kinespirit. I felt right at home the second I walked in and have made Gyrotonic an essential part of my life. The trainers are truly focused on your needs for the hour long session and they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to maintaining the work in your everyday life. I highly recommend them if you’re serious about getting healthy and getting into great shape.

Erin Owen, Doug Varone and Dancers

It is impossible for me to say enough about the benefits of the Gyrotonic Method. It is the most complete and efficient system that I have ever found- whether for injury prevention and rehabilitation or simply infusing your body with whole, balanced energy. It literally is a whole-body physical therapy session. On days that I practice Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis, I feel absolutely ready for anything.