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Why Kinespirit Teacher Training

Kinespirit offers all GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Specialized Equipment Educational Courses. And as an Education Center, Kinespirit also frequently hosts guest Master Trainers for the various Continuing Education and Specialized Applications courses. At Kinespirit, we are committed to providing the highest quality education programs in an environment that mentors and cultivates sought-after teachers. 

Master Trainer Chantal Deeble

Kinespirit's Teacher Training program is led by Chantal Deeble, a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer since 2004 who works directly under Juliu Horvath, the inventor of the GYROTONIC®  Methodology. She is one of only a few worldwide qualified to conduct the Final Certification Course in the GYROKINESIS® Level 1 process.

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If Movement Is Your Passion And You’re Inspired To Share It, Then Kinespirit Teacher Training Program Is for You!


It takes approximately 12-24 months to get fully certified in either GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS®. It is a multi-step process (outlined below) that lays the necessary foundation to effectively teach this modality.


Expect to spend about $4000 for GYROTONIC® or $3000 GYROKINESIS® (including travel costs). Keep in mind, however, that you can begin teaching about half-way through your training process.

The 5-Step Certification Process

1. Private Sessions

It is important to have an understanding and a passion for the work before embarking on a rigorous teacher training program

2. Pre-Training

Designed to ensure you have a strong understanding of the system in your own body before learning how to teach it to others, Pre-Training can be taken in a private or group setting and must be taught by a Master Trainer or an Authorized Pre-Trainer. Course lengths are:

  • GYROTONIC®: A minimum of 24 hours of GYROTONIC® instruction
  • GYROKINESIS®: A minimum of 24 hours of GYROKINESIS® instruction

3. Foundation Training

The Foundation Training is an intensive course conducted by a Master Trainer. Upon successful completion you are issued a Certificate of Apprenticeship and you can begin providing instruction to clients. Course lengths are:

  • GYROTONIC®: 12-day/60-hour course.
  • GYROKINESIS®: 9-day/45-hour course.

4. Apprenticeship Period

As an Apprentice, you have 18 months to log a specific amount of teaching client hours and to attend a Supervised Apprentice Review course with a Master Trainer. During the 18 month timeframe, the apprentice is required to fulfill the following:

  • GYROTONIC®: 60 hours of Teaching Client Hours and 30 hours of Supervised Apprentice Hours with a Master Trainer.
  • GYROKINESIS®: 40 hours of Teaching Client Hours and 15 hours of Supervised Apprentice Hours with a Master Trainer.

5. Final Certification

Once you have successfully completed your Apprenticeship Requirements, you are qualified to enroll in a 3-day/15-hour Final Certification Course. In America, these courses are typically conducted in Miami, FL. (In Europe, these courses are typically conducted in Muenstertal, Germany) To find out about these courses and other international certification locations, please visit The certification course is usually fulfilled within a 6 to 18 month window after your foundation training.


Kinespirit Bridge Program for GYROTONIC® Apprentices

Kinespirit offers a Bridge Program for GYROTONIC® apprentices who are in the course of completing their required teaching hours. This program is designed to help bridge the gap from your Foundation Course to your Final Certification Course, offering a framework and mentorship during your apprenticeship, as well as providing discounted equipment rentals and space for personal workouts. Contact us for more information!