Kinespirit Riverside
214 West 85th Street
212 787 9300


"Zen Like Feeling"

The location itself is great! REALLY zen like feeling! They even have water and hot tea offered! I bought the intro pack for 3 sessions with an instructor to get my knowledge of machines there, as it has been 2 years since I have taken Pilates and my teacher was really good, really helpful.

- Ashley T.


"The best Gyro studio I have been to in NYC"

Kinespirit is the best Gyro studio I have been to in NYC. I love everyone who works there. Every teacher I have tried is great! If you are a Gyro expert or have never tried it…I recommend Kinespirit!!!

- Lisa R.

"I can’t rave enough about the teacher I had"

The Kinespirit studio is fabulous and I can’t rave enough about the teacher I had – Jen B. – who was helpful, engaging and made the hour-session really enjoyable. The [Gyrotonic] practice makes you feel lighter and stronger at the same time and I found it more interesting than doing Pilates or yoga. Will definitely be back for more sessions!

-Freya G.

"As important to my body as the air I breathe!"

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis have been part of my daily warm-up here in NYC and in theaters throughout the world for the past twenty years and is responsible for my sheer longevity as a performer, my success as a teacher and my energy as a mother! With wonderfully organic movement that thoroughly warms the body up from the inside-out, core strength and joint mobility increase, and with that, technical proficiency and voluminous physicality. To me, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis have become as important to my body as the air I breathe!

- Terese Capucilli, The Martha Graham Dance Company

"Kinespirit is the best"

I started at Kinespirit to counter a bad lower back. And now I am pain free and in better shape at age 55 then ever in my life. Kinespirit is the best.

- J.S.

"Real, genuine and it works"

They don’t push false quick-fixes or trendy fads. What Kinespirit does is real, genuine and it works. I am stronger, leaner and more flexible, thanks to Kinespirit. And I am also totally addicted!

- A.P.

"I feel more present, aware, and free"

Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis and Pilates have been a revelation for me. Working from the inside out, this work has taken me deeper into myself and released locked parts all throughout my back, shoulders, and legs. The beauty, flow and circularity of the Gyrotonic movement appeals to the dancer in me, and the strength and stamina I have gained has been invaluable to me as a performer: I feel more present, aware, and free than I ever have.

- Annmaria Mazzini, The Paul Taylor Dance Company

"Better endurance and fluidity"

Gyrotonic exercise is something I would recommend to every dancer because it has helped me in more ways than expected. After a couple of weeks of training, I noticed increased coordination in my dancing, which resulted in better endurance and fluidity.

- Lauren King, The New York City Ballet

"The private sessions are fantastic"

Love this studio and the instructors. They are so dedicated to your progress and the place is spotless. I almost don’t want to tell anybody so I can always get in. The private sessions are fantastic.

- Maureen P.

"This place is unbelievable!"

This place is unbelievable! The staff…every one of them greet people by name, and are caring and absolutely full of enthusiasm. It appears as if they LOVE their work, and the studio and its students. They are full of spirit and unlike most class teachers, they help students individually. Pilates is great, great, great!

- Jill C.